SPM Bible Knowledge Students’ Testimonies

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Voices from Other Students

“Studying Bible Knowledge has given me the rare privilege of understanding our Holy Scriptures in such intricate detail that it has also honed my skills in critical thinking and literary analysis, both of which are crucial aspects of my everyday life to this day.”
~Gabriel Chua (2006)

“BK has trained and tested my acuity on deciphering the content of the bible and translate it effortlessly in writing and oral. I couldn’t have understand God’s word better if it wasn’t for SPM BK.”
~Darryl Lai (2007)

“Studying BK has deepened my understanding of God’s Word and helped me grow spiritually. The only subject in SPM that matters unto eternity!”
~Grace Jerald (2007), Church Worker

“It has been a wonderful and unforgettable journey with our teacher and the boys, learning the Word, analyzing maps, time travelling. We have been through tough times and I don’t know how we made it but I think the secret lies in those magical chocolate cakes we just can’t seem to have enough of.”
~Joshua Mok (2012)

“The first few months I had to drag myself to BK class. I guess my heart was not in the right place. But as I studied God’s word, He changed my heart. The more I learned, the more I fell in love with Him. BK became my favourite subject. I was the lone candidate…it was funny to have 3 invigilators to myself!”
~Jessica Lee

“Do not worry what grades you might get. Learning God’s Word is much more important than anything else. Trust God. He will provide everything for you. Luke 12:22 Do not worry!”