SPM Bible Knowledge Students’ Testimonies

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Elizabeth Anne Sin

studied at SMK Seri Bintang Utara, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur and obtained an A- for BK.

Learning the books of Luke and Acts every week in class soon became a routine, and I found myself participating more during church sermons as I could relate more to them now. It draws me closer to God and I feel that my foundation in Christ has strengthened. The books of Luke and Acts also taught me valuable lessons such as persevering through prayer and having faith that God has all plans ready and laid out.

It was difficult at first , allocating extra time to study another subject for SPM. But in the end, it was very much worth it.hope more students take up this subject as we need to prove that BK is a subject worth endorsing as an elective in the SPM exams.


Emeleen Michelle Gerard

studied at SMK Menjalara, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, and obtained an A+ for BK.

God is so faithful. I signed up for the Bible Knowledge paper not knowing what to expect. Only a handful of students from my school had taken it before and not many people are aware that such a paper exists. I was constantly being questioned whether I was serious in wanting to take the paper. Most of the time, my teachers asked me out of concern as there was a senior who took Bible Knowledge for SPM and achieved As in every other subject but failed his BK paper.

Nevertheless, I was determined to take it, not to show off for having an extra subject but simply because I knew I would learn so much more in depth about God. And true enough, BK class was my absolute favourite class to attend. In the beginning, I was worried as to whether it would be boring because it was basically another history paper and we had to memorize the events that took place in detail; but as I attended the class, I really enjoyed knowing more about what had happened in the past and it has strengthened my faith and love for God. I have never once left BK class without feeling encouraged and empowered even though I was having a bad day.

As I have said earlier, many people tried to discourage me from taking the BK paper, and with it’s near-impossible marking scheme, I contemplated whether or not to go ahead with my decision to take BK. However, after praying and thinking about it for a few days, I decided to continue. I concluded that if I was studying to honour God, I shouldn’t opt out of BK just because I was worried for my grades as God has me covered and in fact, I would give God greater honour if I were to excel in it in SPM.

God gave me great peace as I entered the exam hall to take the BK paper and although I left the hall slightly worried as to what my results would be, He graciously blessed me with an A+ for my BK paper. I have never regretted taking BK because through thick and thin, God has been pruning me and stretching my capacity to have faith in Him and to stop setting a limit to what He can do.


Rosamund Koo

studied at SMK Seri Bintang Utara, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, and obtained an A+ for BK.

In Bible Knowledge class, I learnt more about God and became closer to Him. I found out many interesting things the Bible that I’d never known before. For example, how the Israelites despised the Samaritans as they were not pure breed. But Jesus showed them that they should love their neighbours. He showed love to all people. That is what touched me and led me to love others more.

Bible Knowledge is not just any subject, but a must for all Christian students to have a strong foundation in the Word of God. I believe that through Bible Knowledge, we can not only grow and mature in our Christian faith, but open our eyes to see the wonderful miracle of life that God has given each of us through Jesus.


Erin Kok

studied at SMK Taman SEA, Petaling Jaya, and obtained an A+ for BK.

I made the decision to take up Bible Knowledge only when I entered Form Five. For that reason, I was behind in the syllabus which consisted of the books of Luke and Acts. Although this may have been a downside, God used this to teach me discipline and consistency, both in academics and the things of God. Through learning BK, I learned more about the Bible in its context and history (which is really rich and interesting!) and about the true meanings behind the many parables told in Luke. This helped me to understand certain things deeper than ever before and allowed me to apply them in my spiritual life.

Another thing I gained from learning BK is the sharing by my teachers of their personal experiences in their walk with God. These things left me thinking deeply, impacted and inspired to go to the next level with God. On results day, I was ecstatic when I found I had been blessed with an A+ in BK.

Though there had been much doubting at the beginning and quite a few moments of worrying before the tests, God has brought me through all of them to the end. God helped me to stick by my decision to take up BK and even score well in it. He helped me learn the syllabus with no problem although I had started a year late through teachers who are ever faithful. I am reminded of just how good and faithful God is through this whole experience.


Jozhua Ten

from SMK(L) Methodist, KL

Initially, I took up Bible Knowledge as an SPM subject because I thought it was my duty to ensure that this subject would continue to be offered in SPM. I took it up without expecting to score. I thought to myself that I would do my best, but if I did poorly, it wouldn’t matter as I would have done my duty.

Bible Knowledge is not an easy subject. It requires lots of commitment, but I did not let this hinder me from pursuing BK. Knowing what happens in the Bible is crucial for my Christian faith. BK helps encourage me to read the Word of God and to know it thoroughly. The fruit of taking BK is both physical and spiritual – I thank God that I was able to achieve an A for BK SPM, but most importantly I thank God I now know what is said in the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles.


Sophia Ganit Karim

from SMK Saint Columba, Miri

In 2015, I made my decision to take Bible Knowledge (BK) as one of my 10 subjects. As I was a pure science student, I was afraid of taking BK because of its high passing grade and stories from seniors who dropped BK stating that it was hard to study.

After obtaining my first BK result, I was not quite bothered as it was my first test and I thought to myself, ‘It’s okay, if by the end of 2015 my BK results is still poor, I can drop it.’

Mr. Wong, my BK teacher shared an amazing testimony one day. It was about a student who didn’t want to take BK for SPM as she feared she would get an A for all her subjects except BK. However, she prayed for God’s guidance and left things into God’s hand.

When her SPM results came out, she got an A for BK but B for another subject. And thanks to her BK, she managed to fulfil the criteria to apply for a scholarship that she really wanted. After listening to this, I was impressed with how God works in one’s life and how great and wonderful He is.

In the trial exams, my marks wasn’t great and this made me wonder if I could actually do it. However, the testimony of the girl reminded me of God’s love towards us and that I should never doubt Him as He works in ways we can never really understand. Also, He has a plan ready for us all and this really made me surrender it all to God.

Also, after two years of reading and learning about Acts and Luke, I was interested in knowing more about God and wanting to know about all His great works. In the end, though I did poorly during the 2 years of studying BK, I got a B for BK SPM! And I know that this is due to God’s grace and love towards me. Through BK, I’ve learned so many things about God’s works and His love towards us. I would say that taking BK is a blessing to me and it should be taken up by all, especially Christian students.


Felicia Bong

studied at Methodist Girls’ Secondary School, Melaka, and obtained all As for SPM including BK.

Shalom! I’ve always been encouraged from seeing and reading testimonies of candidates who were brave enough to take Bible Knowledge as an extra subject for SPM. So it had also been my dream since I was in Form 1 to take BK in my once-in-a-lifetime SPM Exam. However, knowing that the number of candidates taking BK is decreasing and that it is hard to score in this subject put me in a dilemma.

But I am glad that God has enabled me and given me this privilege to take BK. Yes, it was a struggle at first (even until the end) but it was worth it. Being an average student, I had to cope with 9 other subjects. Taking BK was a little different because one has to study in detail both Luke and Acts and memorize them (which was a bit hard for me because I tend to mix up the incidents and places). Furthermore, being the only candidate in my school for BK in SPM 2017, and never having gotten an A throughout, was pretty pressuring. At times, I doubted that I could score in BK and be a testimony to others. But God is amazing, He placed wonderful people in my life – Mdm Jagan, my BK teacher, Mdm Reeta, my CF teacher, my friends and family who believed in me and who supported me. So I persevered in obedience as I discovered and learnt new things about God and developed a deeper personal relationship with Him throughout the BK journey.

What I want to say is that what matters most is our heart – God sees our heart. And He will honor those who honor Him. I still remember how I was smiling as I walked out of the exam hall after the BK paper, not because I could answer all the questions correctly, but because of the joy of having actually taken BK in SPM. I did my part and studied hard, and God has blessed me with an A, and used me as a testimony in my school and to my friends. All glory to God!

So, if you’re reading this and wondering whether you should take BK in your SPM, I would strongly encourage you to do so. Taking BK is not like taking another subject but just as someone has said before, it’s an investment for eternal life – and it’s worth it!


Jerome Ignatius Yuen Yi Xian

My parish offers BK classes to students from Form 3 onwards. I only enrolled mid-year, when I developed the desire. By then, the class was halfway through the Gospel of Luke. Luckily for me, my teachers and friends were very welcoming and friendly. My teachers were focused on preparing us well for the SPM BK.

Having prepared myself for 3 years, I was greatly discouraged when my school refused to allow me to sit for BK. They said, if I scored badly, it would ruin the school’s reputation. However, a supporting letter from my parish priest, together with a letter written by my father to the school, led to them eventually withdrawing their objection. I was the only candidate in my school.

I am glad to have taken up BK. It was my foundation to develop a better understanding of the Gospel and further strengthen my faith.


Katrina Santha Chelliah

My journey with BK started when I was in Form 3, where I studied casually. In Form 5, I prayed about it and decided to take BK seriously. I realise that the world today tries so much to renounce the presence of God. How could I say I love God if I could not even give time to learn two books about Him?

As SPM drew near, my principal told me, very clearly, that if I failed BK, she would consider it as me failing in my religion. That was the last straw. From that day onwards, I was determined to stand up for my faith. My school teachers were also constantly checking on my progress as, besides BK, I also signed up for English Literature.

When the results were announced, I scored 11 As straight. I thank my parents, my dedicated teachers and most of all, I thank God for being with me every step of the way and revealing the beauty of His words to me.


Joshua James

The first thought that came to my mind when I was introduced to BK was, “an extra burden,” especially when the classes begin from Form 3, where PT3 was looming around the corner.

During my first year, the Gospel of Luke which I often hear during Mass, began to take on a new perspective. There was a spark within me that made me stay on till SPM and I was determined to pull through.

My BK teachers were very helpful. They drilled into me the names of people, places and details by giving continuous exams, past year questions and quizzes. BK has definitely deepened my faith and has made me more steadfast to face any challenges that life may throw at me. I strongly recommend Catholic students to sit for BK at SPM level as it shapes one to be a better person.


Lim Li Ken

from SMJK Triang, Pahang

When I first learned that there was a subject called Bible Knowledge through my school headmaster who is also a devoted Christian, Mr Chiew, I was indecisive as to whether I should take it up or not. I was in Form 4 then. To me, choosing to take BK would mean that I would have one more subject to study compared to others. It felt like putting one more burden on my own shoulders.

However, Mr Chiew and my mom kept encouraging me to ponder about it first to see whether I wanted to take up BK. Taking this subject was not easy for me, since I was the only student in my batch who signed up for it. Most of the time I would have no friends to discuss with me.

I thank our Lord, He provided me with a very good teacher, Miss Chee, who taught me in interesting ways. From a Scripture verse, she could explain many things in order for me to know more about God and about Christianity. I shouldn’t said that the learning process was easy because every Friday I had to stay back in school while others were able to go back home early and sometimes I had to sacrifice my afternoon nap to study at Miss Chee’s house after she retired.

By God’s grace and faith, deep within me, I always had the confidence that I could score a good result in this subject. Whenever I encountered pressure or seemed to regret my decision, I would always pray to God, and Jesus would accompany me by my side every time I lost my confidence.

Glory to the Lord that I scored A+ for my BK. By taking BK, I not only learnt more about Christianity, but my personal relationship with God has also become closer. In fact, my results would not have become better if it had not been for BK which had given me one more A+. Actually BK is not a difficult subject if you trust in our God, put in some effort and try your best. God will surely give you the best result you desire for.


Low Chee Pang

from SMK(L) Methodist, KL

When I was young, I used to hate reading the Bible very much because at that time I didn’t really like reading and the Bible is so big. I would only go to church, hear the pastor preach, go back home, forget what he preach and live my own life. I felt that reading the Bible was wasting my time because I had a lot of other things to do such as chess, studies, etc. For many years, I was a Christian who seldom read the Bible and didn’t really know God’s Word and always fell into temptation. At that time, I tried to find something which could fill my empty heart but unsuccessfully. I tried playing computer games, card games and other stuffs which satisfied me only for a short period of time.

When I was in Form 4, during orientation week, my principal called all the Christian students and he challenged us to take Bible Knowledge in SPM. At first, I was not serious nor focused in my BK class but after a few classes, God changed my heart. BK didn’t only fill up my empty heart but it also changed my character and helped me stay strong against temptations that I face. I also know more about God. BK is more of an adventure with God. There is one verse in Luke which really struck my heart and it’s Luke 21:33 – Heaven and earth will pass away, but my Words will never pass away. This verse alone is already more than enough to tell you that you should take BK and study God’s Words.

God only sees the heart and not what grades you score in BK. The Word of God is the most important of all at all times. If you take BK seriously, you will be strong in your spiritual growth and it will change your character. It will make you see things in a different way. All the best to all of you who study God’s Word. May your relationship with God grow stronger. God bless you.


Justin Gilbert

I am utterly satisfied with the recent SPM BK results of SHC (Sacred Heart Church) students which defined the performance of my first batch of students and my debut year as a BK teacher.

The choice to teach BK was rather easy for me as I had journeyed in BK as a student and I felt that I had something to offer the upcoming group of students.

Learning and teaching BK is an enjoyable experience for me. I crafted my own strategies and answering techniques which helped me and the students whom I taught.

With proven excellent results to back up my first year as a teacher, I hope to carry on and be an inspiration to all future takers of this subject.


Shane Lazarus Bateman

It has been a pleasure these last 3 years to be able to learn BK. I was hesitant at first, thinking I have not much to gain from this subject but now, I realise how wrong I was.

Nowadays, BK is being neglected by students as a subject because they feel that it is very difficult and not worth the effort but, the truth is, it is easy to score in BK as it is based on stories and specific events. During BK classes, I did a lot of past year trial papers. This helped to perfect my answering techniques.

Initially, my principal and teacher objected to me signing up for BK, but thanks to my parish priest and BK teacher who paid a visit to the school, I was given the green light. By the time SPM came, I was ready and answered confidently.

Learning BK has helped me truly understand the works of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke, followed by the struggles of Peter and Paul in the Acts of the Apostles.


Cheryl Jong Yee Wenn

from SMK St. Columba, Miri

Hi everyone! I’m glad that I can have a chance to share my experience when I studied Bible Knowledge. First of all I would like to thank my Bible teacher who encouraged me to take this subject when I was in form 5. Actually we were supposed to start this subject during form 4, but unfortunately I wasn’t a smart student and couldn’t handle 10 subjects. However, since two of my sisters had set a good example for me and my teacher encouraged me, I finally took Bible Knowledge in form 5.

I still remember my teacher say, “You don’t read for yourself but for God, work hard on it and set a good example for the younger ones.” I know nowadays students are not interested to take this subject because firstly, Bible Knowledge is very hard to score an A in SPM. Secondly, they are afraid that their marks for Bible Knowledge will affect their average mark. All I can say is, everything is difficult, but if you really put effort into it, God will do the rest.

As James 1:5 says, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given to him.” Praise to the Lord, I got an A for Bible Knowledge in SPM. Everything is not too late. If you think that you do not have much time, start now. If you haven’t taken this subject yet, take now. Be proud of yourself that you’re doing this for God. All the best yea!


Roshanth Aaron James

from SMK St. Columba, Miri

Now, BK was not an option from the beginning. 10 subjects is a bit much for most people, but I was coaxed into it by a great teacher. And although I was not keen on the subject before, I can now say that it is a subject you will not soon forget, no matter how much preoccupied you might be in college.

To be sure, it is a subject that grows on you. Interest definitely doesn’t arise at first. (My second BK exam was my first D in my life.) Having said that, as you go through more and more lessons you start to remember bits and pieces of all the Bible stories you are familiar with, more so in the Book of Luke. And from there, I acquired a passion, a drive to remember these stories, these biblical events as best I could. As much as I can owe this to just about anything, the Spirit does indeed play a role in it. Flipping through the pages of your textbooks or Bible becomes less of a chore, and more of a pleasure.

To conclude, do not be afraid of the two (thick) textbooks that come with the subject. They are only a means to an end. A humbling peace of mind and a great spiritual joy await you at the end of the journey. BK SPM is a great experience for any high school student, and one that is open to anyone who is willing to experience it.


Joshua Chung

from SM St Patrick, Tawau

Taking Bible Knowledge has been one of the greatest and most wonderful journeys in my life. For me, taking Bible Knowledge is not about adding another “A” in my SPM results but instead a golden opportunity for me to learn the Word of God and to draw myself closer to the Lord. When I first started taking BK, it was not an easy task for me since I was having difficulty in understanding English. I had even reached a point where I thought of dropping BK but by the grace of God, I persevered because “Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him.” (James 1:12)

Not long afterwards, I began to experience God’s blessings in my life. Not only did I begin to do well in my BK examination but in other subjects as well! My command of English improved a lot as I studied BK. Taking Bible Knowledge was one of the greatest decisions that I have ever made in my life and I have no regrets about it. Therefore, Bible Knowledge is a must-take subject for all Christians because it will definitely change your life!

I also want to thank God for Pastor Teh Chong Lay for his sacrifices in teaching me BK and teacher Evelyn for her encouragement to join the Regional SPM Bible Knowledge Quiz in Sabah which paved the way for me to join the National SPM Bible Knowledge Quiz 2016 in Kuala Lumpur. In preparing for both quizzes, I have learned a lot of major tips to score well in BK for SPM. I thank God I was rewarded with an A- in my SPM Bible Knowledge examination.

To all the BK candidates out there, never give up, keep praying and have faith! For our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be with you and will bless you in ways that you can never imagine. Hallelujah! All praise and glory be to HIM now and forever.


Lee Chen Huo

from SM St Patrick, Tawau

When I was still in Form 1, I heard an announcement during assembly about BK class. When I went home, I told my mother about this BK class. Without any hesitation, my mom allowed me to join this BK class.

The first year, I started BK with the Gospel of Luke. In the beginning, I felt BK class was boring. This was because most of the text, like the parables and miracles I had already heard since I was a kid in Sunday school. However, when I started to absent myself from BK class, teacher Evelyn (my English teacher in Form 1), would look for me, asking for a reason why I was absent from BK class.

So, I continued attending BK classes. In Form 2, my only purpose taking BK was to show off to others that I was taking more subjects than them and I still could manage well. I had this pride in me until Form 4. I didn’t even know that my purpose in taking BK was wrong. All I was thinking about was to score more As than other friends in my class. I was relying on myself rather than on God.

However, when I was in Form 5, things didn’t go as I wished. Before that, I could easily complete tasks given by teachers. I found that I could hardly accomplish these tasks in Form 5. I could not serve properly in my school’s CF committee and church youth cell group.

Finally, I learned to surrender. I realized I could not do anything without God. I prayed and asked God for forgiveness and power from Him. Miraculously, I was changed. I began to put my focus on God. I saw BK not as an extra subject to show off, but a subject that helped me to know God better by reading His Word.

Praise the Lord that I got an A in my 2016 SPM BK. Studying Luke and Acts has helped lay the foundation of God’s Word in my school life. No matter what kind of storms of life I encounter in the future, I know I can stand firm with His help. God’s Word is the foundation for my life!


Lo Shi Min

from SM St Patrick, Tawau

When I was in Form 2, I was encouraged by my friend and teacher to join the BK class. At that time, it was quite hard for me as I needed to wake up early in the morning and sacrifice my television time. I even scored only 4 marks in my BK exam even though it was an open book exam when I was in Form 2. So, I beganpray to God to ask Him to give me wisdom and also a good memory. God answered my prayer. My marks slowly improved.

In Form 5, I participated in the BK 16 Quiz in Kota Kinabalu. The quiz only tested certain chapters from Luke and Acts. It was not necessary for me to attend study group with mywho needed to study the whole of Luke and Acts for the SPM BK Quiz 2016. But, I forced myself to study with them. Praise the Lord for His, my school principal blessed me with a trip to KL for the National Level SPM BK Quiz 2016 although there was no national level for those who took BK16.

When I was in KL, I was motivated by a Bible verse from Matthew 24:35, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” I was so motivated to read more of the Word of God. I spent more time reading the Word of God and I scored over 80 marks in the second term exam and an A- in my SPM BK exam. By taking BK, my knowledge about the Word of God has increased and my command of English has definitely improved. Praise God!


Vincent Lee Kok Hoe

studied at SMK Taman Desa 2, Rawang, and obtained an A for BK.

I never regretted taking BK as one of my 11 subjects in SPM 2016, even though I had to sit for the paper alone in the big hall. Instead, it was fun!

When I was still in primary school, my mum taught a few students BK. She told me that the number of BK candidates dropped each year. Seeing how she taught her students out of her spare time really stirred something inside me. It was at that time that I told my mum that I wanted to take BK when I grow up. It was merely a child’s talk, but it seemed like God heard what I said and began His plan for me.

As always, when we are trying to do something for God, the evil ones tend to prevent us from doing so. When I entered Form 4, it was time to put my words into action. My mum taught me BK for the very first time, and I slept off in the middle of the class. I didn’t intend to sleep but I felt a sense of tiredness inside me. Because of this incident, I doubted whether I should take BK.

And as time went by, it was October and I hadn’t even had my second BK lesson! I remember as I was preparing for my finals, I said a prayer then, and a question popped out in my mind, “Why do you want to take BK?” And I answered, “Because I’m a Christian.”

Right after my finals in Form 4, I continued my study of the Gospel of Luke. When I went for NSCFL camp in November, I met a friend named Ian from SMK(L) Methodist, KL. While we were talking about BK, he told me about Ms Moey’s BK class in MCKL. And I was thinking, hey, why not I attend her class too? When I told my mum about it, she agreed to let me go for Ms Moey’s BK class to study Acts. It was then that my commuter adventure began.

Riding the commuter from Rawang to KL Sentral would take about 50 minutes, and just as long too when coming back from KL, but I enjoyed my trips a lot as I got to meet new people and talked to them. There was once a Christian college girl, who saw me studying the book of Acts, and she talked to me and encouraged me.

Of course Ms Moey’s classes were fun and interesting. I like how she never missed praying before and after the lesson. Besides that, she also never missed revising the previous chapter by asking questions before starting a new chapter. It was worth it as it forced us to do our revision before the class.

My mum also continued to teach me BK every Sunday after church service on the Gospel of Luke, together with my church member Amanda Ow, who was also a solo BK candidate in SMK Rawang. She decided to take up BK when she was in Form 5, spending only 11 months to study both Luke and Acts.

To wrap up, is it really because we are Christians that we are encouraged to take BK in SPM? Well, BK is a very good way to bring us into a closer relationship with God. Many students might say that they are afraid of not getting good results for BK, but I believe that it is our attitude towards the Word of God and the amount of effort we put in that will make the results different. When we do our best for God, He will do the rest for us! Amen?


Dharmendra Nair

from The Dwelling Place, Selangor

I would like to say “thank you”Ms Kua andthe organizing committee who have worked hard for these quizzes all these years. I have been blessed even as a participant back then in 2008 and 2009 and now as a BK teacher. The BKquizzes helped me to prepare for the exam and to do well in BK paper in the SPM.

It is really an honour to encourage the young people to read, understand and memorize the Word of God. The quiz helps us to see details which we often times don’t notice. And it’s really important to read the details in the Word of God as the Lord commands us to study His Word.

As a teacher, I have been blessed tremendously as I reread both Luke and Acts. And my heart is filled with this passion to see more young people to take up BK. I am praying that God may grant me favour so that I can encourage churches in my area, Hulu Selangor to take up BK.

I will get my students to come for the Quiz in Assunta. God bless all of you tremendously.