SPM Bible Knowledge Students’ Testimonies

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Rachelle Low Swee Lynn

SPM 2005

“I started taking BK classes when I was in Form 1 in Labuan. My experience over that period of time was reinvigorating and my understanding of the Gospel of Luke and Acts grew exponentially. The impact that knowledge had not only influenced the way I saw the Word of God, it also impacted the way I lived my life, my school grades, and the path it took me upon completion of my secondary school studies.

Through my BK teacher’s guidance and dedication, getting an A+ on SPM for BK did not just end there. I was able to contribute and eventually lead multiple Bible studies throughout my university years in Canada. Today, seven years later, I am a Campus Staff Minister at a Canadian university, teaching and equipping students to have a strong foundation in the Word of God.”

For those who think BK is a difficult subject, please think again.