SPM Bible Knowledge Students’ Testimonies

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Tee Shern Ren

scored 14 A’s in the 2004 SPM exam including an A1 in BK. He studied at SMK Damansara Jaya. He was offered 2 prestigious scholarships. He taught BK in church after his SPM. He taught Physics in MCKL. He is now in the PhD program in NUS.

Q: Why did you decide to take BK?

Reasons… I was first exposed to BK at the National Quiz ’02 when I was in Form 2. My CF seniors were active with BK and so I followed in their footsteps. And it helped that I would get an extra A1 for SPM! But as a BK student I’m glad that we have the chance to be very openly Christian. I think that we are really blessed to be able to study the Bible for our SPM. To me it is a privilege to study God’s word and to be tested on it.

Q: Share with us some things God showed you in your study.

I’m very challenged by the example of the church in Acts, and I really love the incident in Thessalonica (Acts 17) where Paul and his friends were described as the people who have “turned the world upside down!” Empowered by the Holy Spirit wherever they went, they left their mark. They preached boldly about Jesus who had come. When something good happens to you, you naturally tell everyone you see, and I believe that it was the same for them. Sometimes we do not let the Holy Spirit work in us. We can underestimate God! What Acts has taught me is that God is a big God and He wants to do big things with us, if we have faith in Him

Q: Words of encouragement for your juniors?

I would encourage you all to work hard at BK. You will forget everything else you learn in your SPM. When you go on to A-Levels, or ADP, or STPM or any pre-U course, you will learn everything else in more detail. You will learn more Maths, more Chemistry, more Physics, etc. But chances are that unless you go to seminary, you won’t learn more BK. So now is a good chance for you to deeply appreciate God’s word and to learn how to study the Bible in-depth. You can also take the study skills you learnt in Luke and Acts and apply them to the rest of the Bible and as a result you can grow in God’s word.

Also, you should remember that with BK, you can talk to the textbooks’ Author any time, anywhere! The most important part of BK is asking the Holy Spirit to teach you. That way you won’t just gain head knowledge, you will also build a strong character to handle life.