The project is a guided video-study course on The Gospel according to Luke and The Acts of the Apostles. This course consists of 35 programmed lessons of 90 minutes each on the Gospel according to Luke and 35 programmed lessons of 90 minutes each on the Acts of the Apostles. Each lesson is inclusive of interactive exercises and life applications. Periodic tests and summative tests are also included in the video lessons.

These programmed lessons are an invaluable resource and self-contained teaching – learning tool designed to be used by FACILITATORS (teachers, priest, pastors, youth workers or even parents) who believe that Bible Knowledge is important and would like to encourage and help students to take this subject. The SPM BK Video Course is adequate to prepare students and do well for the SPM BK Exam (Subject 9221).

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The Gospel according to Luke (GNB)

Download here – Gospel-of-Luke-GNB.pdf


The Acts of the Apostles (GNB)

Download here – Acts-of-the-Apostles-GNB.pdf



Introduction Video:

Facilitators Training Workshop (15th Jan 2022):          

Importance of Bible Knowledge:                                       

Scheme of Work:    

Role of Facilitators:


The Gospel According to Luke

Lesson 1:                   

Lesson 2:                  

Lesson 3:                  

Lesson 4 :                 

Lesson 5:                  

Lesson 6:                  

Lesson 7:                  

Lesson 8:                  

Lesson 9:                  

Lesson 10:                

Lesson 11:                 

Lesson 12:                

Lesson 13:                

Lesson 14:                

Lesson 15:                

Lesson 16:                

Lesson 17:                

Lesson 18:                

Lesson 19:                

Lesson 20:              

Lesson 21:               

Lesson 22:              

Lesson 23:              

Lesson 24:              

Lesson 25:              

Lesson 26:              

Lesson 27:               

Lesson 28:              

Lesson 29:              

Lesson 30: