SPM Bible Knowledge Students’ Testimonies

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A Parent’s Gratitude for BK

Angeline Soo

(Husband Soo Ewe Jin is “Sunday Starter” columnist in STAR)

How thankful I am that both my sons signed up for Bible Knowledge as an SPM subject. The benefits are immeasurable and the boys continue to reap them.

My elder son had signed up because he had close friends who were also keen to take the subject, and his schoolmate’s parent had offered free classes to prepare the batch of them for the exam.

As the classes progressed, I realised how much good it was doing him. He was learning to dig deep into God’s Word. He had a teacher who looked beyond the facts in Luke and Acts, to how it applied in her students’ lives. He was acquiring a discipline in studying the Bible and also was constantly urged to apply it practically in his life. He scored an A for the subject. (This have a fee reduction in college). Beyond that, it was a valuable exercise in solid Bible study.

When my younger son entered Form 4, there was no question that he too would sign up for BK.

I considered how much time my children spend remembering the electrochemical series, equations of motion, and sundry other facts in history, mathematics, and so on. Some of these facts may be useful later in life; a great deal of it probably will not be of any use.

How much more should we urge our children to invest time and effort in learning a subject that offers benefits of eternal value. Bible Knowledge has given my sons a head start in hiding God’s word in their hearts, and I am ever grateful.