VIDEOS and SLIDES from the BK Training Seminars

SPM Bible Knowledge Training Seminar 2021, 1st May 2021 online via Zoom
SPM BK 9221 will see a shift to a new format that will inculcate more Higher Order Thinking skills (HOTs) questions in Section C, Part 1.  This workshop will explain the new format and also provide practical skills to prepare and to mark this new type of question.

SLIDES (shown at the BK Seminar for Students on 13 May 2021 in Kuching)
1.  Introduction to BK (Bible Knowledge) by Ms Moey Yoke Lai Intro to BK (MoeyYL) FINAL 13May21
2.  Format of the BK Paper (9221) BK Format 2021_MYL
3.  Context Questions and Long Questions Context Questions & Long Questions
4.  How to Answer Questions for Section C Part 1 How to Answer Questions for Section C Part 1

VIDEOS from the BK Training Seminar on 01 May 2021:
1.  Video thumbnail: BK 9221 Seminar Part 1 Introduction, Welcome and Opening Prayer
2.  New Format of the SPM Bible Knowledge (9221) paper starting 2021
3.  Video thumbnail: BK 9221 Seminar Part 2The new Question in Section C Part 1 – Method, Style and Samples
4.  Question & Answer with Ms Moey Yoke Lai
5.  FCMSM/MCSC SPM BK Video Project (+ Sample Video Demo Extract)
6.  Closing Remarks and Prayer

 BK FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

VIDEOS from the Marking Workshop (26 May 2021)

Part 1  –  Welcome, Introduction & Opening Prayer

Part 2  –  Marking Descriptors, Sample Scripts & Making Annotations

Part 3  –  Breakout Rooms for Marking Practice
Room 1  with Ms Amelia Tan
Room 2  with Mr Marcus Khoo
Room 3  with Ms Yap Yoke Chin

Part 4  –  Q&A

Part 5  –  Context Questions & Essay Questions