Formation of FCCMSM 19jan2019

Formation of FCCMSM 19jan2019


  1. We praise God for the setting up of the Federation of Councils of Christian Mission Schools Malaysia, or FCCMSM on 7 April 2010, with Mr Yap Kok Keong as the first chairman. The federation was established with the acceptance of the Charter.
  2. FCCMSM consisted of 3 regional councils of mission schools
    1. Malayan Christian Schools’ Council
    2. Sabah Council of Christian Mission Schools
    3. Sarawak Council of Christian Mission Schools
  • Several calls were made to register FCCMSM with the Registrar of Societies.
  • With the acceptance of a new Constitution, a new FCCMSM, under the same name, was formed on 19 January 2019. There will be a transitional period under the Protem Committee until the Inaugural meeting of the new FCCMSM.


3. Over the last 12 years or so, God has blessed Mission Authorities / Mission Schools in more ways than one; even though the ethos and character of Mission Schools in the early days have largely been eroded.

  1. There is an awakening to reclaim the Mission Schools by raising the ethos, character and traditions;
  2. Boards of Governors were re-appointed and strengthened to govern the schools and act as guardian of the school property;
  3. Bible Knowledge and Christian activities are emphasised;
  4. The Ministry of Education allocated funds to the Board of Governors for repairs, maintenance and upgrading of Mission School land and buildings. These funds were in the National Budget;

Government Allocations for Mission Schools

2019 Budget Allocations
No. of SchoolsAllocation


There is a sense of urgency to plan strategically for our schools, and not just let things be as they were, but to take serious ownership of our schools.

Steering Committee for 10-year Roadmap for FCCMSM

  1. Working with Christian Federation of Malaysia, a Steering Committee was formed to look into a Strategic Plan and 10-year Roadmap for FCCMSM.
  2. Four Sub-Committees were formed to look into greater detail of the Strategic Plan.
    1. Teacher Training Centre
    2. Strengthen School Board of Governors/Managers; Public-Private Partnership for Private Schools
    3. Attract more young people into the Teaching Profession
    4. Raising Bible Literacy in the schools


  1. A Handbook for Boards of Governors/Managers of Christian Mission Schools (to supplement the Instrument of Government)
  2. Teaching as a Vocation and Mission booklet and CD, followed by Called To Teach
  3. The Ethos, Character and Traditions of Christian Mission Schools booklet
  4. FCCMSM Website
  5. Directory of Christian Mission Schools in Malaysia


On December 4 2012, FCCMSM, under the chairmanship of Datuk Mary Yap, organized a Roundtable Conference to discuss the Preliminary Report of the National Education Blueprint (2012-2025) by engaging the Mission Authorities. The deliberations led to the word MISSION SCHOOLS or SEKOLAH MUBALIGH being mentioned in the Blueprint, categorized together with other government-aided schools. Prior to this, the Education Act did not mention Mission Schools at all.


National Bible Knowledge Quiz

  1. Postal Bible Quiz
  2. SPM National Bible Knowledge Oral Quiz (2019 Regional: 29 June & Finals: 3 August)
  3. Written Quiz (BK Year Quiz: 29 June)
  4. Financial needs for BK Quiz



  1. Filling Vacancies of School Principals/Head Teachers with the right people
  2. Getting more Christian Teachers in the school
  3. Involving churches / parishes in schools for activities/pastoral counselling
  4. Teaching Bible Knowledge in the Schools



  1. Financial needs in schools, some are met by government allocations
  2. Financial needs within FCCMSM
  3. Human resource for FCCMSM


I thank God for this time and season to see how He is working in the Mission Schools with the commitment of the three councils and various individuals. Now with the new set-up of FCCMSM whereby the membership consists of individual Mission Authorities rather than the three councils, the good work of education started by the missionaries and teachers one or even two centuries ago, must be carried on. And as long as the schools have not been closed, “we cannot do nothing”. With God’s help, we will pursue on to see our schools as a mission field to educate our children to build the nation for the good of all who live in it.

Yours in Christ,

Tay Choon Neo, 22/04/2019