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… from the Chairman of Malayan Christian Schools’ Council to new Principals and Head Teachers of Mission Schools

Welcome to our Mission School! And congratulations on being appointed Principal/Head Teacher of our Mission School!

The Mission Schools in Malaysia have a very long history. The oldest Mission School in Malaya was established about the year 1850. From the earliest beginnings the ethos and discipline of Mission Schools made a lasting imprint on the minds of the citizens of our nation. These led Mission Schools to become leading schools in the country. Many leaders of our nation are alumni of our Mission Schools.

Mission Schools have played a prominent role in nation building. Today we continue to do so as we emphasize character formation and nurturing the uniqueness of the individual, serving the needy with compassion and kindness, and service and love for the nation.

We trust your appointment as Principal/Head Teacher of our school will ensure that these practices will be taught and our young people will be trained to uphold these principles. And even as we hold on to these age-old traditions that form the foundation of society, may you lead our school to progress in this digital age of technology.

The Board of Governors are ever ready to lend a hand in matters pertaining to the upkeep and maintenance of the school grounds. The Malayan Christian Schools’ Council will be on hand to help with issues that pertain to the religious background of the school. The Federation of Christian Councils of Mission Schools Malaysia will enable the network among the three provinces of Sabah, Sarawak and West Malaysia to bring benefits to Mission Schools.

May our Mission School flourish under your leadership and may you leave a legacy that will long be remembered by our students.

May the blessing of Almighty God rest upon you and upon our Mission School!

Moey Yoke Lai
(December 2017)


  1. Ownership of School
    1. Legal Title of the land
    2. Land and Property matters
  2. Board of Governors / Managers (BOG/BOM)
    1. Provision in the Education Act 1996
    2. Instrument of Government (IOG)
    3. BOG Handbook
    4. Composition of the Board & Board Meetings
      1. The Principal or Head Teacher is the non-voting Secretary of the Board
    5. Role and Responsibility of the Board
      1. Administration of Private Funds; Board bank account
      2. Property, Maintenance, Repairs, etc.
      3. Use of School Premises
      4. Appointment of Head Teachers, Senior Teachers
      5. Student & Staff Welfare
      6. Custodian of the Character & Ethos
  1. Special Ethos, Character and Traditions
    1. Religious Instruction
      1. Bible Knowledge Postal/Regional /National Quiz
      2. SPM Bible Knowledge
    2. Christian Societies and Activities
      1. Chapel
      2. Christian Fellowship, Catholic Students’ Society, Young Christian Students
      3. Boys’ Brigade, Girls’ Brigade
      4. Founder’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Christmas, etc.
      5. Other characteristics
  1. Relationship with the Alumni, Parents, the local church and Christian Community and other stakeholders
  2. FCCMSM Directory
    1. Organizational Structure of Christian Mission Schools in Malaysia
    2. Mission Authorities
    3. Surat Pekeliling Ikhtisas, SPI

Resources available:

  1. Instrument of Government
  2. A Handbook for Governors/Managers of Boards of Christian Mission Schools
  3. DIRECTORY of Christian Mission Schools in Malaysia
  4. MCSC 60th Anniversary Commemorative Book
  5. Pamphlets: MCSC Pamphlet; SPM Bible Knowledge Pamphlet