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Report on Sarawak Methodist Head Teachers Education Forum 2017


1. To inform the BoGs members of the functions of Board of Governors.

  1. To empower and inspire Board members to work as a team in the service of the School Community
  1. To revive the Ethos and the Character of Mission School
  1. Theme: Rekindling Mission School Ethos and Character
  2. Date: 23.9.2017 (Saturday)
  3. Time: 0800-1500
  4. Venue: Methodist Secondary School, Sibu
  5. Programme:
23.9.2015 (Sat)0800Participants Reporting
0830 – 1030Session 1: Ethos and Character of Methodist MissionsMs Tay Choon Neo,
1000 – 1030Break
1030 – 1230Session 2 :· Dual Language Programme

· SK Ng Mujong & SMK Methodist Sibu share Best Practices in Methodist Schools

Mr Khor Hong Yin,
Methodist Council of Education
1230 – 1400Lunch Break
1400 – 1600Forum:
· Issues & Challenges of Mission Schools

· Prospects of Under- enrolled schools: Closing of schools?

Ms Tay Chon Neo

Mr Khor Hong Yin


Mr Charles Tiong

  1. Participation:
Mission AuthorityNo of ParticipantsNo of SchoolsBoG members
Catholic Missions752
  1. Appreciation:
    • To Principal & Staff of Methodist Sec School for logistics arrangements
    • To Mr Khor Hong Yin and Ms Tay Choon Neo

Highlights of the Forum:

  1. Morning Devotion by Pastor Ngu Lock Tee

Matthew 9:35-38 “ Tuaian banyak sekali tetapi penuai hanya segelintir. Berdoalah dengan bersungguh kepada Tuan yang empunya tuaian itu supaya menghantar pekerja untuk menuai”

Jesus called teachers to go out into the harvest field.

  1. Federation of Councils of Christian Mission Schools Malaysia

by Ms Tay Choon Neo

  • Briefed on the history and its formation & Organizational structure.
  • Special character and ethos of Mission Schools.
  • Representing Mission Schools to communicate with Ministry of Education (MoE) over the appointments of School Heads/Senior Assistants, religious bodies, teaching of Bible Knowledge Subject,
  • Role of Board of Governors/Managers. Working with School Heads to ensure implementation of Christian values. Accountability of Project Expenditure.
  1. Current issues affecting Mission Schools by Mr Khor Hong Yin
  • Dual Language programme; Encourage all Mission Schools to go for the Programme
  • MoE’s strategy to combine “Sekolah Kurang Murid”.

Various issues are raised. Need to look into the implications when Mission Schools combine with Government schools. Effectively it would mean one less Mission School in place.

Reported by Charles Tiong