Mission Schools have a rich history of English Medium Education. It was said that Mission Schools “played an important role in creating an English speaking elite which had an abiding influence on the shape of Malaysia’s national life.” (Robert Hunt, The Churches & Social Problems, Chapter 4 in ‘Christianity in Malaysia’). With a history of 150 years or more, most Mission Schools that were set up taught in the English Language and the products of Mission Schools became government servants, professionals, captains of business and industry. Then the nationalization of education changed circumstances which sadly led to a deterioration of the English language used in Malaysia.

The Malayan Christian Schools’ Council (MCSC) has been calling for English to be the medium of instruction for decades; not in all schools but in selected schools. In recent years, the Federation of Councils of Christian Mission Schools of Malaysia (FCCMSM), which consists of the Councils of Mission Schools in Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia, has done likewise. Given their legacy and heritage of equity, diversity, inclusiveness and wholesome education for all, Mission Schools offer themselves to be models of English Language medium schools that can provide education for nation building, into the future and for all people. A level of autonomy must be given back to the schools. FCCMSM can even provide training in the English Language to upskill teachers and trainers. We do not have to look for expensive trainers and materials overseas. We have the resources ourselves

Federation of Councils of Christian Mission Schools of Malaysia

28 November 2017